Giveaway of The Devil’s Due!

GIVEAWAY:The Devil’s Due by L.D. Beyer

Giveaway runs June 21st through June 27th!

Forced to abandon his name, his country and the woman he loves, Frank Kelleher vows to one day return. But what awaits him when he does?

In 1919, after seven hundred years of British oppression, a slumbering rage awakened as the Irish people rose up to claim their freedom and their land. Poorly trained, vastly outnumbered and severely short on guns and ammunition, a relatively small force nonetheless brought the battle to British forces in Dublin, Limerick and Cork, and on the lonely roads and fields in between. As the fighting raged, Frank Kelleher and Kathleen Coffey – €”a young couple from County Limerick with plans for the future – were torn apart. This is Frank’€™s tale: his fall from grace, his dreams, and his quest for redemption.

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